Donald Castillo finishes 2nd at Lanier National Speedway.

Donald Castillo No Spotter 09-07-2017 13th Week Street Stock Challenge Lanier National Speedway, Don qualifies 4th, brings it home 2nd After a quick warmup and a few tweaks to his setup, Donald Castillo started outside of row 2. On the drop of the green flag, the #1 car had issues getting up to speed, dropping him and Donald back to the end of the line. After Donald settled in, he started picking them off one by one. He knew he had to move fast seeing as the lead cars were pulling away. As he gets under the #1 car coming out of turn 4, 2 cars get tangled up and slide right in front. Donald was able to react quickly and stay out of trouble. He then set his sights on 5th place, and by lap 10, it was his. Donald then rode behind the #6 car as they both worked on passing the #8 car. On lap 19, the #6 car got a run off of turn 4 and got on the bottom of the #8, and Donald followed suit. Then came the battle of 2nd. The #6 car was fast enough that Donald couldn’t take him on the outside, so he had to wait. His waiting paid off, as on lap 27 the #6 car got loose coming out of turn 2, at which point Donald pounced. With Donald completing the pass coming out of turn 4, the #6 car looked to take the position back going into turn 1. He could not make it stick however, pushing up the track and falling back, not able to challenge for the spot again. By this time, Donald was in lap traffic and was able to make up the 3 second gap from him to the leader, so he coasted on home to a 2nd place finish.

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