Eric Spencer with Another Dirt Limited Late Model Win!

Spence started the race in 4th position and was able to take third off the start and dove it into turn one. As the leaders raced each other hard Spence just waited for his time. The leaders got together around lap 6 and Spence took the lead.  That lead proved to be short lived, it only lasted for about 6 laps as the number 2 driver dove it hard under him and moved him up the track. Spence kept his cool and got back in the gas and was fighting for second on the high side as the 2nd place driver came up across his nose and destroyed his car. Spence would carry on and close the gap on the leader.  As the laps were winding down and Spence was putting pressure on the leader, with two to go the pressure got to the leader as he drove it in to hard into turn one and caught the tractor tire and spun out.  Giving the win to Spence.

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