New Member Applicaiton

Blown Gasket Racing Member Application
Your iRacing customer ID can be found by logging into iRacing, then going to "My Account." Your iRacing Customer ID will be a six digit number in the upper right corner.
Include what cars/series you race. Any leagues, etc.
Team Rules:

You Must...
Register for the team forum & website at
We will manually add you to the driver's section within 24 hours after this is received. You will get an email when this is complete.

Once we have approved your website and forum account, go into the forums and look around. We are hoping to help build friendships and get our guys racing together and represent Blown Gasket Racing in the best way possible.

Team President: Chris Grandell

Vice President of Competition: Brandon Puffenbarger

Vice President of Development: Kyle Frame

Website Admin: Chris Grandell

Car Setup Admin: Brandon Puffenbarger

Team Events Admin: Kyle Frame

By being a part of Blown Gasket Racing, you agree to follow all outlined conditions of the team and you understand that failure to do so can and will lead to you being removed from the team.

Upon acceptance to Blown Gasket Racing, you are entering a legal and binding agreement. If you are removed from Blown Gasket Racing for violation of these outlined rules & conduct, you forfeit all obligations between Blown Gasket Racing and yourself.

Blown Gasket Racing holds the right to terminate this agreement for any reason at any time, without any legal obligation, minimum age to join Blown Gasket Racing is 17 years old.

You will always race professionally and courteously. No dirty racing to get position. This also includes yelling at other drivers and making obscene comments to them. Yes, you will get angry, keep it short and sweet with your comments please. Say your peace and be done.

We know everyone will not get along all the time and there will be times when we don’t see eye to eye but there will be NO arguments between members of Blown Gasket Racing in any public forum (Teamspeak, iRacing, Facebook, etc…). If you have an issue with another member of the team send them a private message, call them, text them or if need be please get in contact with either the President and/or Vice President to mediate and try to help resolve the situation.

Be active in the team. This includes anything from helping with setups, sharing setups, spotting, team racing events, etc… We are not asking that you’re here everyday, but if it goes a while and there is no word from you, you may be removed from the team.

You must be serious about your iRacing career. We need active drivers, spotters and crew chiefs if we want this team to reach the top. If you only race once a month because you are bored, this is not the team for you.
Upon initial acceptance into Blown Gasket Racing, You will be closely watched by the leaders of the team for a duration up to and including 30 days. During this time you will be expected to be on Teamspeak, be involved with monthly meetings if they are held, race, practice, spot, chat on the Facebook chats and become familiar with how the team operates, get to know your teammates and become familiar with the position you applied for.

You are not allowed to be a member of multiple teams if you are a member of Blown Gasket Racing.

You will need to participate on a weekly basis and contribute weekly to remain with the team. If you are a driver you need to run two (2) of either open/fixed races or league races or a combination of any. If you spot you need to spot two (2) races a week as well as be on teamspeak when you race or spot. In order to receive credit as attending you must submit a result form on the website, if they are not submitted you will not get credit for the race or spotting. The week will be in accordance with the Iracing schedule Monday 8pm Est to Monday 8pm Est. Any submits after the allotted time will not count towards your weekly submits so get them in ahead of time.

If these rules are not adhered to or if the Admins feel you are not doing your part to contribute to the team besides race submits as they feel fit you may be subject to removal from the team at any time so please get with the President and or Vice-President to make them aware if there is a issue where these requirements can not be fulfilled. (situations beyond your control).

Download and join Teamspeak. You can download it at his is an important tool for communication between spotters, drivers, and teammates on the track. Yes, the in game voice is good, but it can get cluttered with useless chat and people arguing. All you need is Teamspeak and a mic.

ALL team decisions can only be approved by the President and/or Vice President. In the absence of the President, the Vice President has complete authority to make any decision as deemed necessary.

If at any time the team feels that either the President or Vice President of Blown Gasket Racing is not fulfilling their obligations they can be removed from their position only by a unanimous team vote.

You are required to have a combination of a Blown Gasket Racing logo and a team sponsor, somewhere else on the car. After that you may add any other logos or sponsors you would like. Logos are located on the discussion forums at . You must run the BGR logo, and at least 1 sponsor logo. They do not have to be prime real estate on your cars, but they must be on all cars. You can do whatever paint scheme you wish, you just need to have those items on the car and visible enough to easily be seen. Final determination if a car is permitted to run for Blown Gasket Racing will be left to the President and/or Vice President. NO cars will be ran without their OK.

If you do not attend meetings, you have no right to complain about changes. Attend them, be active, and help Blown Gasket Racing head in a winning direction.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the President or Vice President . You can reach either of us via private message, Teamspeak, iRacing messaging, text message or call us on the phone. If you don’t want to communicate, why did you join a team? Don’t be shy !!!!

If you’re in a race you must be on Teamspeak. Yes, maybe someone isn’t on, but get on anyway. You never know when someone may stop in. This shows your participation and helps everyone get to know everyone. Remember, Teamspeak is open 24/7, you’re welcome to come on when not racing.

For dismissal from the team, the decision will be left up to the President and Vice President. Depending on the reason for your removal, you may be able to re-apply to Blown Gasket Racing after a minimum of 30 days.
These conditions are subject to change or have items added. It will be posted if this done, you are responsible for keeping up to date and being familiar with all the rules and conduct.